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Author: Kasturi Chakraborty

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  • Indian EV Policy coming soon

    India now asserts to establish a proper roadmap for electric vehicles with a detailed EV policy. The Government plans to put in place policies that benefit vehicles run on alternate fuel like biofuel and CNG. India plans to convert 15 per cent of the total vehicular sales to electric within next 5 years. This will […]


  • Smart Mirror brings live fitness classes to your home

    A startup known as Mirror puts a fitness instructor on your wall, so you can sweat it out without leaving home. The high-tech panel itself is a 40-inch LCD with stereo speakers, camera, and a custom software powered by a quad-core processor. Mirror is 22 inches wide and 52 inches tall and can be wall […]


  • Youtube Originals launched in India

    Youtube Originals has finally rolled out in India. At present, it is free and ad-supported. But later ad-free subscription services will be provided. Right now, subscription options have not been announced. Youtube Originals has been included in the YouTube Premium service (access to ad-free content from Youtube Music, Youtube Gaming, and Youtube Kids). Originals offers […]


  • Fully autonomous Volvo 360c revealed

    The Volvo 360c concept aims to be a fully autonomous bedroom on wheels. It features Level 5 autonomy, making it a completely computer-controlled door-to-door experience. The 360c has a modular exterior and it has all information projected on to the windows, which adds to the flexibility of the vehicle. Among hordes of amenities, the Volvo […]