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  • Android 10 announced; ditches dessert names

    Google has officially renamed the upcoming Android Q as Android 10, thereby ending the decade-long tradition of naming Android versions alphabetically after various desserts. While the new nomenclature is definitely not as fun, it makes more sense nonetheless. Google argues that many dessert names (e.g. Nougat and Marshmallow) are only common for North American people, […]


  • Google Sound Amplifier, Live Transcribe apps launched

    In order to help those who are either deaf or hard of hearing, Google has brought two new accessibility apps to Android. The first one is called Google Live Transcribe and it transcribes speech in real-time. The app listens to the surrounding conversation and presents it on the phone’s screen in easy to read text. […]


  • Google Play Store to remove apps that ask for call log, SMS permission

    In a bid to further tighten Android users’ privacy, Google will soon start removing Play Store applications which ask for access to a phone’s SMS and call log information. For apps which genuinely need access to call and SMS data, developers are required to submit a ‘permissions declaration form’ to Google. Google had notified Android […]


  • Motorola One power, Mi A2 get Android Pie update

    Two very popular mid-range Android One devices, the Motorola One Power and the Xiaomi Mi A2, are now getting stable Android 9.0 Pie update in India. The latest Android 9.0 Pie brings new gesture-based navigations, redesigned Quick Settings, a new look for the split-screen menu, improved Do Not Disturb mode and a host of under […]


  • Android Go edition review

    What is it? A lightweight version of Android that’s developed exclusively for entry-level phones with 1GB RAM or less. It’s optimised for low-end hardware so that phones do not struggle to keep up with the software. Our test phone We tested Android Oreo 8.1 Go edition on the Micromax Spark Go. This phone is as […]