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  • 2018 wrap-up: Biggest smartphone trends of the year

    AI everything: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has to be the buzzword of this year! In the world of phones, companies have basically slapped AI on top of everything to generate hype. For example, scene detection in camera software is now marketed as ‘AI Camera’. The Notch: In late 2017, the iPhone X sparked the notch trend, […]


  • Do Rs 1 lakh phones make sense?

    What are we up to? Pitting 2018’s most contradictory phones against each other – the Poco F1 provides top-notch hardware at a shockingly low price, whereas the iPhone XS Max [review] brings the best of Apple at an exorbitant price. The point is, while the iPhone XS Max costs 4x the Poco F1, is it […]


  • Samsung to supply 2019 iPhones with cheaper OLED displays

    Apple sources the OLED screens of the iPhone X, XS and XS Max from Samsung, which do not come cheap. However, this might change soon as a report suggests that Samsung is now offering Apple its Y-Octa panels. These panels use in-cell touch technology allowing thinner, lighter and more cost-effective screens. In fact, Samsung uses […]


  • Apple iPhone XS Max review

    What is it? The biggest iPhone ever. Also, it’s the most expensive mainstream smartphone you can buy right now. Design & Construction It’s basically a bigger iPhone X, and that’s not a bad thing. You get the familiar super solid construction with a stainless steel frame that’s sandwiched by two glass panels. The rear glass […]