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  • Next-gen Google Assistant is 10x faster

    The next-generation version of the Google Assistant has been previewed at Google I/O 2019. It will debut on the Pixel 4 series later this year. The new version is claimed to be 10x faster than the current version primarily because the voice-based AI will now live on-device and perform all tasks locally without sending the […]


  • Google Assistant arrives on Google Maps

    During its keynote at the 2019 CES, Google has announced that the Assistant will now come integrated into Google Maps, both on Android and iOS. Therefore, users can now share their ETA with friends & family, reply to texts, play music or podcasts, search for places along their route, etc. through commands while using Google […]


  • Google Assistant is the smartest AI of 2018

    Annual research on smart speakers from Loup Ventures has proved that Google Assistant is the smartest Artificial Intelligence (AI) based virtual assistant currently, ahead of Alexa, Siri and Cortana. Researchers asked around 800 questions to the aforementioned 4 AI virtual assistants. The grading was done based upon two factors – first, whether the AI understood […]


  • Google Assistant can now book cabs

    Thanks to a new update, users of Android, iOS, Google Home or any Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker will now be able to book cab services like Ola, Uber, Lyft, Grab, among others. The entire list of ride-hailing operators has not been rolled out yet. Google Assistant is expected to show estimated wait times as well […]