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  • Instagram adds anti-bullying features

    In order to restrict harassment and bullying on its platform, Instagram is rolling out a couple of new AI-powered features on its app. The first one will use AI to detect if someone is trying to post unfriendly comments. If the AI detects potentially harassing words, the user will get “Are you sure you want […]


  • Instagram is testing new profile layouts

    In an attempt to make the interface simpler, Instagram is testing new profile layouts which will be rolled out to users in phases. Over the next few weeks, users might see things rearranged on their profile pages. For instance, the feature image will now be on the right, while the follower count will move to […]


  • Facebook AI tool can detect offensive memes

    Facebook has built a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tool called Rosetta which can understand text in images along with the context in which it appears. Rosetta can extract text from billions of public images and video frames on Facebook as well as Instagram. It can do this for a wide variety of languages and […]


  • Emoji shortcuts released on Instagram app

    In its newest update for both Android and iOS, the Instagram app has released personalised emoji shortcuts functionality for everyone. Emoji shortcuts place a user’s most used emoji above the keyboard when they start commenting on a post. A considerably large number of Instagram users use emoji while commenting. Emoji shortcuts have been added to […]