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  • Samsung foldable screen tech stolen and sold to China

    Samsung’s Infinity Flex foldable display, on which the company has been working on since the past six years, has allegedly been stolen and sold to two Chinese companies. According to prosecutors in South Korea, 11 people from Samsung’s top supplier stole folding display tech blueprints and then sold them to Chinese firms for around US […]


  • Foldable Samsung Galaxy F to cost $1,770

    Just recently, Samsung previewed its Infinity Flex foldable display and One UI. Now, a new report reveals some essential details about the upcoming foldable smartphone. The phone will allegedly be called the Samsung Galaxy F and will launch in March 2019 in selected regions. Being a first-gen device that brings something brand new to the […]


  • Samsung foldable phone reveal imminent

    Samsung Mobile’s official Twitter account has updated its profile photo with a picture of a flipping Samsung text from midway. Now, if you’ve been up to date with the leaks and rumours, you know that this is most likely the beginning of the teaser campaign the company’s upcoming foldable phone, allegedly christened Galaxy F. The […]